Christmas Lights

Get your Christmas lights installed by the professionals at Sarig Electrical.

Let the professionals at Sarig Electrical handle all of your Christmas and holiday lighting installations.

When the holidays are near, homeowners in the greater Los Angeles area look forward to hanging beautiful Christmas lights. Depending on the type of festive holiday decorations a family prefers, different technologies and methods of light installation are utilized to get the desired results.

Here at Sarig Electrical, we are Christmas light pros. We hang all sorts of lights in hard-to-reach places. We know that Christmas lights can be notoriously difficult to handle, that is why we are here to do it properly so you don’t have to worry. Only until recently, even one bulb failure on a string of Christmas lights would cause the entire string to burn out. Fortunately, most bulbs now come with shunts that keep the rest of the lights shining even if one or two burn out, but strings still fail from time to time when there are multiple bulb failures or interruptions in voltage. It is always recommended to replace the bulbs on your Christmas lights as they burn out—you can also use a test light to figure out to troubleshoot where the voltage is being interrupted.

Spread holiday cheer during the season with your own Christmas lights! Contact Sarig Electrical today to get a free consultation.

When handling Christmas lights, always remember to:

  • Unplug strings if a fuse is blown
  • Unplug the set if you attempt repair
  • Avoid overloading individual strings
  • Discard strings with any exposed or bare wiring
  • Consult manufacturer’s instructions before troubleshooting

Common types of lamps used for Christmas include: