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Good lighting completes a home. No home or business is complete without lighting fixtures. Modern living makes light and light fixtures an unquestionable necessity, and Sarig Electrical is here to make it all possible.


Composed of a body and socket (usually for a lightbulb), light fixtures are designed to create and point artificial light towards a given location, illuminating the room and shrinking away the darkness. Light fixtures can also include other attachments, such as reflectors, housing, power supplies, electrical ballasts or apertures. In addition, light fixtures generally must be plugged into an electrical connection to a power source. Lamps, the most popular of all the light fixtures, are portable and require a source of electricity in order to work. If the lighting is intended to be permanent, fixtures can be directly wired to the power system, circumventing on/off switches and outlets.


Types of Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are classified by the manner in which the light functions, as well as how the fixture for the light is installed. Depending on how your home or business is set up, different fixtures can work in a variety of ways and with a wide range of lights and light styles to better suit what you desire. The most popular types of lighting fixtures include:

 This could indicate a variety of fixtures, including surface-mounted lighting, outdoor lighting, and recessed lighting, which are all considered fixed lighting fixtures.

Free-Standing or Portable: Lamps that can be removed- such as table lamps, nightlights, desk lamps and gooseneck lamps. These are all considered free-standing or portable light fixtures.

Special Purpose Lights: Fixtures that are neither fixed nor free standing are considered special purpose lights. These generally include Christmas lights, black lights, searchlights, accent lights, black lights, and more.


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Types of Lamps

Several different kinds of lamps and light sources can be used in conjunction with your new lighting fixtures to give your home or business the mood you have always wanted. Here are just a few examples of lamp and lighting types:

  • Incandescent
  • Nuclear
  • Plasma
  • Fuel
  • Fluorescent
  • Arc