Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lighting installation and service.

Set the mood with outdoor lighting for beauty and security.

Do you want to update the outside lighting of your Los Angeles home? Outdoor lighting is a popular option for homes and businesses alike that want to showcase an outdoor area; if you have been playing with the idea of upgrading or installing an outdoor lighting system, turn to Sarig Electric. Accentuating your garden or patio with outdoor lights will draw attention to the atmosphere in a romantic and modern way.

When lighting walkways, outdoor lighting is a fantastic way of subtly leading the human eye down a desired path. Placement is often more important than fixture types or voltage when considering outdoor lighting, which is why Sarig Electrical always recommends that you refer to a professional for advice. Colors also play a large role in lighting; warm lighting that shines radiant reds, oranges, and yellows can really highlight man-made objects and architecture. Cool light, also referred to as moon lighting, works to accentuate foliage, such as plants or trees, by projecting cool hues and shades of blue.

Bodies of water, such as pools, lakes or ponds, strongly benefit from the aesthetic of underwater accent lighting. Although an uplit body of water never occurs in nature, up-lighting ponds and pools has become an increasingly popular style over the years.

Understanding what type of outdoor lighting will best illuminate your home or business can often be difficult to visualize, which is why Sarig Electrical is always here to help every step of the way, from planning to implementation. From complex outdoor LED lighting systems to hardscape lighting, weather-resistant fixtures and high voltage/low voltage bulbs, Sarig Electrical will meet all of your outdoor lighting needs.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

There is a wide variety of utilitarian purposes for outdoor lighting, including streetlights and security lighting. Whatever your outdoor lighting need, Sarig Electrical is equipped to handle the installation. Depending on what you are using your outdoor lights for, there are a number of options to choose from:

Streetlights – Before the industrial era, streetlamps were used as early as the Greek and Roman civilizations to light the way for travelers and deter criminals. Today we see street lights along the roadway to keep the area lit for drivers and pedestrians.

Beacon lights – Primarily invented to guide drivers safely on the road at night, a beacon light serves the purpose of alerting those around it.

Floodlights – Floodlights are high-intensity artificial lights, traditionally used in sports to illuminate fields and stadiums.

Security lighting – Used for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional purposes, security lighting is usually high intensity with good energy efficiency, reducing the cost of running the light for extended lengths of time.

Entry lighting – This form of lighting has recently become popular amongst modern homeowners to indicate an entry and access points in the building.

Underwater accent lighting – Used in koi ponds, pools, hot tubs and jacuzzis, this lighting is made to accent and light up a body of water.