Repair or replacement of electircal panels for home or business.

Service and installation done by one of our specialist.

Electric panels are a key component in your home or businesses’ electricity supply system. They are often referred to as distribution boardsbreaker panels or panel boards. The fuses inside of the panel are protected by an external frame, which channels and redirects the electricity into the circuits on your supply system, feeding power to the entirety of your home or business. In most cases, electric panels include a primary switch as well as local current breakers, which have over current protection.

Although panels tend to differ from country to country, in North America, a single electric panel usually houses several circuit boards that are arranged into two columns. When operating a panel board or circuit breaker, it is very important that no live electricity or static is exposed to the circuit boards. When a panel is being serviced or repaired, the exterior frame is removed, exposing the live electrical wiring within, risking damage to you as well as your electrical system. For this reason, it is critical to hire a professional electrical company like Sarig who has highly trained and certified electricians to keep you and your power supply out of harm’s way.

Home electrical panels are typically located in the basement, closet, garage, attic or hallway. In comparison, a commercial property will contain multiple electrical panels. Regardless of location, the panels should be easily accessible because the US Building Code forbids the installation of electrical panels in potentially hazardous and confined locations- like bathrooms, clothing closets, or other small areas that make it difficult for workers to service.

Electrical Panel Repair Services

There are a many reasons that your distribution board may might need a repair. Because of the hazardous nature of working with live electrical wiring, it is strongly recommended that only qualified electricians should ever diagnose or service your electric panels. The most common reasons for an electrical repair is because of excess moisture, poor manufacturing or hardware, damaged service cables, improper wiring, under powered or overcrowded panel. In some severe cases, your electric panel might need to be replaced.