Bring your home up to date with rewiring service.

We offer complete rewiring service for your home or business.

Electrical rewiring in Los Angeles is a good idea if you currently own a home. Rewiring is beneficial to both older and newer homes. It adds value to your property and also helps it operate more efficiently. Sarig Electrical is a top electrician company in Los Angeles that offers several years’ experience in electrical rewiring. Call today for more information.

An electrical upgrade to an older home is something that should be done, especially if your home is older than 40 years. This is because older homes were not built to function with computers and other modern-day electronics. Back then, the standard for household power was 60 amps. To operate contemporary electronics such as flat-screen TVs, refrigerators and to handle all the charging duties, 200 amps is now suggested. A professional, electrical rewiring can bring your home up to date, minimize any disruptions to your daily routine and add value when it comes time to sell.

Factors to Consider Before a Commercial or Residential Home Rewire:

  • First, take note of all your electrical needs.
    • Be aware of everything that requires electricity.
  • Make a list of every room in your home.
    • Include each item in each room that uses electricity.
  • Make a note of any rooms that you might add onto your home that could possibly need electricity.
    • Account for these additions before the rewire.

You will use the above information to determine how much electricity you consume and what is adequate in the rewiring process. Sarig Electrical abides by to the National Electric Code (aka NFPA 70), which is an adopted standard and is the safety guideline for electrical wiring and the equipment used in the United States. The code, however, is adopted by state and local governments. Approximately every three years the National Electric Code is modified. Our experts at Sarig Electrical are up to date and always trained in the code.

Remember that electrically rewiring your home or business requires that light switches and fixtures, as well as sockets will be replaced. The professional electricians at Sarig Electrical will do everything to make your life easier during the rewiring. Please call or email us today to find out more or to schedule a visit to your home.