Smoke Detector

Trust in Sarig to help protect your family and property against fire.

You can trust Sarig Electrical for safety and peace of mind.

Sarig Electrical offers professional electrician services to the Los Angeles area. We can make you home or business safer today by installing the latest and most effective smoke detectors to make sure that during a smoke event or fire, people can get to safety.

Smoke detectors are one of the most common and effective safety features in nearly every Los Angeles home. The main function of a smoke detector is to alarm people in a house, apartment or building of the presence of smoke (and potential fire), increasing the chances that people can exit safely.

California law states that all dwelling units used for sleeping must be equipped with smoke detectors. The law also says that all smoke detectors must appear on the approved list of the state Fire Marshall. One smoke alarm must be installed on each floor in non-sleeping areas, including hallways, and one smoke alarm must be installed in each room where people sleep.

Over 60 percent of fire-related deaths happen in homes and structures without properly operating smoke detectors.

In recent years, it is estimated that nearly one third of California homes and businesses had smoke detectors that were not installed or did not work correctly. Some were just broken, some too old and for some smoke detectors, it was a simple matter of dead batteries. What we do know, however, is that smoke detectors save lives. Sarig Electrical has years of experience professionally installing smoke detectors the right way, keeping families and businesses safe.

Sarig installs the two main types of smoke detectors: ionization and photoelectric.

The two work differently, but they are equally effective. Ionization smoke detectors respond more to flaming fires while photoelectric respond more to fires that smolder. Since there really is no way to predict if a fire will start with flames or smolder for a while, it is important that both types of smoke alarms be installed. Combination smoke detectors that respond to both types of fires are also available.

We can ensure that your family or business is protected with a professionally installed smoke detection system.

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