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In the land of sunshine, Southern California is one of the world’s best locations for solar energy. Nearly 50 percent of all the nation’s solar systems are in California. And, currently, there are over 400,000 different solar projects, generating over 3,200 megawatts.

Solar energy is known as the leading source of green, renewable energy. The sun provides more than two times the amount of energy of all other non-renewable sources on Earth. More than coal, natural gas, oil or uranium, combined.




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In May of this year, the state of California officially generated just over 6,000 megawatts, a record amount of solar power that is likely to climb. California had already set 14 records in previous months and experts expect more records to be set as the state’s utilities continue to build more solar energy capacity. To put it in perspective, just three years ago, the state’s record was 1,000 megawatts. The message is clear. Solar is very popular in California and Sarig Electrical is your best choice for solar panel installation.

Solar energy also saves you money in two ways. It cuts your electricity costs and, through several federal, state and local government programs, you can qualify for many tax incentives and rebates. The California Solar Initiative (CSI) and Go Solar California programs are two such incentives. The CSI offers cash back for investing in solar power for your home or business. You earn cash rebates for each watt of solar energy. Also, there are federal incentives for those who buy and install qualifying solar systems. The credits are available for both residential and commercial use. The residential solar investment tax credit is around thirty percent of the total system cost.



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